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ProjectOS Pro

Join +40 business owners who have already taken their projects to the next level.

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  • Integrate your business goals seamlessly with your projects and tasks
  • Keep everyone on the same page
  • OKRs aligned with your efforts
  • Say goodbye to scattered tools and information

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Why ProjectOS Pro?

Proven Methodology

Setting and tracking goals for your business should not be another non-value-added task.

With ProjectOS Pro you:

1. Establish your goals

2. Set up their metrics for success

3. Link projects to objectives to automatically understand contributions and priorities

+7 years as Project Manager

Created by an experienced Project Manager, I suffered from incomplete project management tools during my professional life.

I've learned best practices from companies like Amazon, Inditex and Accenture and built this complete Project Management System.

Specifically designed for entrepreneurs and small businesses to achieve their goals, and help them easily manage their projects, tasks, and meetings.

Saves your time so you can finally focus on execution.

Notion Certified and Recommended

Not only do I bring my professional experience to this system, but also my Notion expertise.

I'm a Notion Certified & Recommended Creator and that shows in this template.

Built for ease of use but full of powerful features with pre-built templates for projects, meetings, status updates, and much more.

Bundle: Fast-track to business management

Automate repetitive and admin tasks by incorporating these Notion templates into your daily workflows.

Get all 3 premium templates for a discounted price!

40$ -> 33$

Ticket Management System

Price: 10$

Vendor Management System

Price: 5$

Common Questions:

What makes ProjectOS Pro better?

- ProjectOS Pro is a powerful project management tool that not only allows you and your team to collaborate and manage goals, projects, tasks or meetings, but that keeps all of these interconnected for a hustle-free experience.

- With a one-time investment of just $25, you get lifetime access to the tool.

- Created by an experienced Project Manager, it'll bring your business an effective approach to tracking goals, prioritizing projects and tasks and keeping all project-related information in a single place.

What is your experience as Project Manager?

I have over 7 years of experience as an Operations Project Manager. I've worked for international companies such as Amazon, or Inditex. But I've also worked in start-ups that were growing like crazy. I have specialized in technological projects that ranged from software requirement definition to implementation and continuous improvement.

Is this for me?

If you are an entrepreneur working on your own or you are a small business owner managing a team of <15 people, this is the perfect Project Management tool for you.

No need to pay a subscription for project management software or make it hard and ugly to manage projects on Excel.

Get rid of a different tool where you visualize your objectives but then never go back to it.

Your project documents? Organized and accessible in one click.

Make your tools work for you and not the other way around.

What does the bundle offer contain?

With the bundle offer, you save $7! It contains:

- ProjectOS Pro: a powerful Project Management Tool to manage OKRs, Projects, Tasks, and Meetings from a single place.

- Ticket Management System: say goodbye to back-and-forth emails and losing track of opened issues. Implement a Ticket Management System in your business and assign each ticket to an owner, track the progress, establish a ticket priority, get data on the most common issues, and much more!

- Vendor Management System: your go-to place for all supplier's information. Manager vendor contracts, pricing, issues, rating, category, etc. Make this page public so everyone in your business has access to the preferred suppliers and can handle requests on their own.

What if I don't like it?

Per the nature of digital products, I don't usually offer refunds on my products. Nevertheless, you can contact me 10 days after purchase if you're unhappy with the product. Let me know what you were expecting and why it doesn't solve your business problem, and if it is a valid reason, I will refund you 60% of its value.

I have questions, how can I contact you?

If you have any questions, send me an email to and I'll happily assist you!

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