Scale your operations, foster growth

Methodologies applied by companies like Amazon that craft exceptional processes for sustainable growth and long-term success

Reclaim your time and shift your focus from repetitive tasks to strategic growth

End-to-end solution from processes audit and workflows improvement to implementation and training.

Process Audit

SOPs Creation

Operations Optimization

Custom Notion


Workflows Automation

Training and


Find efficiency with a solution made for you

Catering your needs

Notion offers you the flexibility to design a workspace according to your business's unique needs.

Manage clients, projects, or inventory effortlessly. Build interconnected task lists that keep your team aligned and productive. Craft detailed documentation and share knowledge transparently.

Notion's versatility ensures that whatever your business demands, it can be accomplished within its interface.

Empowering your journey

As a former operations and project manager with years of experience at companies like Accenture and Amazon, I bring a unique perspective to the table. When you choose my consultation services, you're not just getting software recommendations鈥攜ou're getting a partner who understands the intricacies of business operations and can guide you towards maximizing Notion's potential.

Time for what matters

With Notion as your central tool and my guidance as your operations partner, your business embarks on a journey of growth and efficiency.

No longer overloaded by administrative tasks, you and your team can focus on innovation, strategy, and cultivating relationships that truly matter.

Your time is liberated to shape the future of your business, confident in the foundations of scalable operations you've built.

Not sure yet?

Download my comprehensive free process guide and take actionable steps to improve processes on your own.

Step-by-step flow and

easy to follow

Divided by different sections, goes from process selection to implementation

Actionable and

interactive guide

It is not instructions to read, but an interactive guide for you to work directly within

Adaptable to multiple industries

From productive systems to technological flows, the process is flexible to fit your business

Don't take my word for it:

Custom Workspace customer:

"It's been a great experience. Triz provided lots of value to the project: from the initial idea to the final result the progress has been amazing [...] A nice surprise to find someone as organized as her and who provided value beyond expectations."

Take action now

With my personalized services, you'll get your investment back in no time.

Proven methodologies eliminate waste and improve efficiency.

  • Unique solution
  • 7+ years of experience
  • Expert advice
  • End-to-end service

Frequently asked questions

Things people most often ask about

What can I expect from this service?

This service is completely tailored to your needs. To understand best how I can help you, we will start with a call to discuss your goals, vision and pain points. Then, I will send you a service proposal including all the details to see if we are a fit.

What is the price?

Because of the nature of the service, I can't give you an exact price, as it is highly dependable on your needs.

Starting at $30 for a simpler Notion Template (1 page/1 DB), it can go up if consulting services, process improvement or more complex features are included. That's why I like to start with a free discovery call so I can give you the most accurate price.

Which is your experience?

I have over 7 years working as an Operations and Project Manager. I studied Aerospace Engineering but quickly starting working at Amazon. There I developed a passion for process improvement and optimization. Later on my career, I worked as well for Inditex as an Operations Consultant, among other companies.

I started using Notion a couple of years ago, and have recently become certified by passing the Essentials and the Settings & Sharing exams.

I've worked in the logistics and distribution industry, retail, warehousing, aerospace and e-commerce. The knowledge I've acquired during these years in these top-notch companies can be applied to any other industry.

I have more questions, can I contact you?

Sure, you can contact me through the contact form and I'll get back to you. You can also reach out to me on social media or by email.

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